CBD (Cannabidiol): ¡contraindicaciones y métodos de uso!

CBD (Cannabidiol): ¡contraindicaciones y métodos de uso!



One of the questions we receive daily from our users and prospective buyers surrounds the possible side effects of CBD.

Las "contraindicaciones" del CBD (cannabidiol)

Generally speaking, CBD has no particular side effects and is well tolerated by the human body.

Las siguientes estudio científico demonstrates that up to 1,500mg of CBD per day can be tolerated by humans.

In contrast, some studies have shown that Cannabidiol could encourage some side effects, such as a slight lowering of blood pressure, feeling tired and light-headed, and a dry mouth – although they are not that common.

Entonces es posible afirmar que CDB no tiene contraindicaciones particulares y puede ser consumido de forma segura tanto por humanos como por animales. Sin embargo, los científicos continuarán investigando el tema para aprender más sobre el papel del CBD.


Cómo usar CBD (cannabidiol)

The most common way to take CBD is using the oil: release a couple of drops under the tongue and hold it back a few seconds before swallowing. Consuming CDB this way means it is absorbed faster and will quickly reach the blood stream to tomar efecto.  

The jury is still out as to whether CBD is involved with other physiological processes not relating to endocannabinoides.

The best option is to listen to your body – if you decide to use aceite de CDB, it is recommended that you start with a few drops and continue until you find the dose necessary for your individual needs.

The consistency and continuity of cannabidiol intake is very important - if it is used for specific pathologies it is advised to consult a doctor first. Some users may also need a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

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Want to know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you need to take?


Para regular con precisión la dosis de CBD, el equipo de Enecta recomienda usar Cápsulas de extracto de cáñamo premium, with which you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you are ingesting each time.

Those who use CBD for therapy, and those who want to try cannabidiol for the first time, will find the capsules to be an ideal solution.

Enecta provides its Italian customers with a specially dedicated web portal in which they can acquire information about CDB and make the decision about which products to buy and how. The site is accessible from the web address: www.enecta.com.

By accessing the Enecta portal, you can purchase the product online, either by credit or prepaid card.

¿Problemas con tu compra?

In the case that you have problems with your purchases on the site, which may be caused by a bad web connection or problems with your card, do not hesitate to email info@enecta.com, where we will be happy to resolve your issue.


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