Purchasing CBD online, here’s how to do it

Purchasing CBD online, here’s how to do it

CBD oil? A rapid guide for purchasing online

Cannabidiol and cannabis extracts have in fact generated a new market which is now in constant growth for years now. We are talking about a new scenery which is very positively welcomed, considering the numbers showing the hectares of hemp cultivated lands and the new regulations made to encourage the cultivation and production of hemp.

Hemp products are utilised more and more each day, but, as for any novelty, it is necessary to inform people in order for them to make a conscious and reasoned choice. At the basis of all this there is transparency and reliability of the producer. On the website enecta.com  it is possible to purchase premium quality cbd oil with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD): the active principle is diluted in hemp seed oil, obtained from the extraction of hemp plants cultivated on certified lands and in absence of pesticides or other harmful substances, with a content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) far below the maximum limits permitted by law.


How to purchase CBD oil on the website?

Enecta proposes a wide range of products containing cannabidiol: cristales y aceite de CDB with various concentrations, cosmetic products and much more. In order to browse the available products you just go to this page on the Enecta site, selecting what you desire and clicking on the icon  representing the cart and then follow the process of “checkout”, at which point payment is requested.

For payment it is possible to use both credit card and bank transfer. If one is opting for bank transfer it will be necessary to send the payment receipt by e-mail to the Enecta customer care.


Which types of oils can you find on our site?

Aceite de CBD Enecta is available in three different concentrations. They are made of cold-pressed hemp seed oil containing cannabidiol (CBD), terpenos, vitamin E and other hemp molecules naturally present in the extract. Each bottle contains 10 ml and three different concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) are offered. Hence in our Extracto de cáñamo premium 3%, 300 mgs of CBD are present, in en nuestro Extracto de cáñamo premium 10%, you can find 1000 mgs of CBD while in our Extracto de cáñamo premium 24% there are 2400 mgs of it. The only difference is the concentration.

Depending on the needs, some prefer to take 3 drops of Aceite 10% CBD  while others prefer 10 drops of 3% Aceite de CBD. What changes is the enjoyment of the intake. The applications are extremely varied and allow to satisfy any need, both of those desiring to calm a slight anxiety state and of those needing to alleviate chronic pain.  


How can the oil be used and which are the advantages?

CBD oil can be taken by ingestión, orally, through a vaporizador or, in case of a product for uso topico, applied on the skin.

Ingesting the product, it must be considered that cannabidiol passes through the liver and that a part of it is metabolized. In this case it is important to remember this factor when one decides the quantity of CBD he or she desires to consume.
A certainly more secure and effective way of oral intake is the application of drops of oil bajo la lengua. In this manner cannabidiol enters in the bloods stream without being dispersed.

Another way of taking CBD requires the use of a vaporizer.
The important thing is that the temperature of the vaporizer is set on 180 C° and that the device is adapted to the use of liquid substances and not only dry ones.

Lastly, one of the most utilized modes in the recent period is topical application, with a particular attention to CDB Aceite in the cosmetic field.
aceite de CDB, in this case is applied directly (or diluted in other cremes) on the involved area of the skin.


Whom is the oil suited for?

Aceite de cannabidiol is used by a wide range of consumers. CBD oil is commonly used in sports as part of some therapies for the recovery after a trauma, for reducing the symptoms of migraña or, also, for a specific anxiety state. On the other hand cannabidiol (CBD) is receiving excellent feedback as a therapeutic substance in case of very severe and invalidating disorders, like epilepsy. Particularly in the case of epilepsy, cannabis and cannabidiol are involving for years already many research teams, due to the excellent results demonstrated up to now. To this a new field of application is added which is the one of products for cosmetic use. The property of intervening in case if inflammations made CBD a protagonist also in certain treatments for contrasting the effects of psoriasis, a very common skin condition.

With regards to the side effects of cannabidiol on the human organism, in March 2018 the report of the World Health Organisation was published, presenting the current state of scientific research on this active principle.

According to the report of the WHO, cannabidiol does not provoke efectos secundarios on our health, but, rather, the current evidence clearly indicates its potential application in the medical field. According to the report, cannabidiol (CBD) is safe and well-tolerated by human beings (and by animals) and isn’t associated with any negative side effects for public health. The commission of experts ha also stated that the no-psicotrópico chemical substance present in cannabis, does not elicit physical dependence and is “not associated with possible abuse”.  In the same way, today, there is no evidence of public health cuestiones asociado al uso de CBD en estado puro.


How do we create our oil?

The raw vegetal matter used to produce CBD oil are cannabis varieties registered in the European Community Register and eligible for cultivations for industrial use.

Estamos hablando de cannabis with a low THC content (always below 0.2% as per the limits set by law). This tipo de cannabis, having to enter the proceso de producción which complies to a series of requisitos de calidad estándar muy precisos, is cultivated also in accordance with the lineamientos más recientes providing the principles. in order to guaranty a quality product from cultivation up to sales: from the beginning to the end of the production chain.  

La monitoring of the cannabinoids presente in the plants already occurs in the cultivation phase in order to identify the most suitable moment for harvesting. The plants are subsequently shred and brought to the Extracción site. From this an extract is obtained of which THC is removed.

The extract is diluted with hemp seed oil. According to the solutions, the various types of Enecta CBD oils are created: with 3%, 10% y 24%.


How do we certify the quality of our CBD oil?

The CBD oil proposed by Enecta is produced in accordance with the rules of the GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices protocolo.
This is a protocol containing rules, indications and guide lines to be complied by in order to guarantee the quality of a pharmaceutical product or of pharmacologically active substances.

The rules contained in the GMP protocols keeps each and every aspect of the production chain into consideration, starting from the nature of the product up to the consideration of the production environment and the suitability of personnel employed in the productive process.

Adhering the guidelines of this protocol certifies that the entire production chain is monitored in each of its phases. This means paying total and scrupulous attention both to the “incoming” material, the plant, and to the “outgoing” material: the final product.

The hemp plants used for the production of CBD crystals are, in turn, certified in accordance with the of the parameters GACP - Good Agricultural and Wild Collection Practices for Medicinal and Aromatic (Culinary) Plants. With the regulations contained in the GACP protocols the aim is to supply correct indications for the treatment of medicinal plants or medicines which are intended for pharmaceutical production.

La hemp plants utilised by Enecta come from cultivations on which the GACP protocols are scrupulously followed. The plants are harvested in the fields, respecting their natural maturation period and growth. Once harvested, the plant is submitted, in a period varying from a few hours to half a day, to immediate processing and stabilisation.

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