Enecta, Sport & CBD: ¿Cómo combatir la fatiga mental?

Enecta, Sport & CBD: ¿Cómo combatir la fatiga mental?



Food also plays an important role - having a proper diet helps the body to have an adequate energy reserve, thus giving space to fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants.

Además, vitamins B and  E ensure the functioning of over 60 enzymes responsible for energy production processes.

It is also important to avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea and chocolate, because they are foods that create a short burst of energy and can make fatigue worse.

Sport is also an excelente manera to battle fatigue. Setting goals to be achieved is fundamental for mental and physical process – but it is important that the goal is concrete and attainable.




For example, if you are a ciclista la meta could be a monthly mileage. it is important that it is within reach, because if not achieved it could demoralise you. Achieving your goals could also produce new blood to feed that willpower that we discussed above.

Every day we are subjected to situations of stress due to work and family commitments which can sometimes be an obstacle to playing sport. We at Enecta aim to combat mental fatigue through the use of CDB, particularly using Enecta Oil, which is used by various sportsmen to support the psychophysical system.

One person who can testify this is Pierluigi Catalano, Spartan Race athlete, who has been using CBD oil for some time now.

"I sleep more serenely, feel less tired, and have improved muscle recovery".

"When I take the oil in the morning, in the long run I have found I pay more attention to work and have a better memory on the issues to be addressed. Physically, my muscle recovery has improved markedly and the times I have taken the product before training I noticed I have more energy and strength ".

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