Fitness & Wellbeing: include CBD in your activities!

Fitness & Wellbeing: include CBD in your activities!



Presentamos: CDB in your daily lifestyle could reveal itself a great idea to restore balance to one’s psychophysical system.  If we complement the use of Cannabidiol with sports activities Wellbeing is a fact, let’s see how!

CBD and it’s Detox function 

Practising physical activity regularly is certainly a perfect way to restore balance and to cleanse our body from stress toxins and not only.

Sports involving the larger part of our muscles are undoubtedly the most effective, like swimming, running, cycling, boxing; for the more sedentary amongst us also a fast walk or a yoga session could reveal itself effective enough.

CDB combined with sports activities helps to achieve our goal, while acting on our receptores cannabinoides and thus contributing to the detox process.
In addition to CBD we can also consume Hemp seeds as a part of our daily diet, as they contain Cysteine and Methionine, which stimulate the liver in removing toxins from our body.

CBD and Quality of Sleep

Whether you are a sportsperson or not, sleep quality is very important to have good performances in sports or to carry out your professional objectives. 

CBD might just be the thing for you! With reference to a estudio preclínico conducted in Great Britain at the Porton Down Science Park, various hypotheses arose about how CDB could affect sleep positively.



El primer elemento destacado por los investigadores se refiere a cómo CDB  is able to improve the quality of sleep, intended as a side effect of an already existing problem.

According to a research study conducted at the Universidad Nacional de Taiwán of Taipei, CBD would influence the overnight cycle, thus preventing the suppression of the REM sleep generated by Anxiety.  

Being able to sleep well also means paying attention to small but important details. For example sleeping in a quite environment without being disturbed by electronic devices like a smartphone. Not consuming Alcohol, Coffee and Cigarettes in excess.

CBD y recuperación física

CBD is capable of intervening on the muscular system reducing inflammations and pain; this helps us to understand how important its use can be in sports.

Taken at the end of an intense workout, Cannabidiol contributes to muscular recovery, while relieving pain.



Avery Collins, winner of five ultramarathon, in an interview with El guardián has explained how he uses Cannabis and its extracts as an element to integrate in sports activities.

Collins specifies, however, that he doesn’t use Cannabis by smoking it, but by adding it to products present on the market like Creams and Oils!

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