Relaxation & Wellness, how to make a CBD drink?

Relaxation & Wellness, how to make a CBD drink?


At the end of a long and stressful day of work, what’s better than a cocktail to relax and regain a satisfactory sense of wellbeing? 

During the past days, we talked about how to make a Bebidas es CDB Aceite, in this new recipe we will use Cannabis flower tops instead.

On the market it’s possible to find a variety of Cannabis with rich concentrations of CBD, with which it’s possible to make quenching and relaxing beverages.

Which ingredients are needed? 

Two grams of cannabis flower tops are enough to obtain a great cocktail for about three persons. Besides the flowers, we need water and glycerin for food. 


We take the flowers, grind them and immerge them in boiling water, we add sugar and stir.

We then cover the compound and let it boil for about twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes, we lower the temperature and add our glycerin for food. We allow the compound to simmer for about six minutes.   

At this point our drink is ready, however before tasting we first filter it!


A tip?

Prepaid a cup of lemon juice, add some fresh fruit and finally our cannabis Syrup. Before drinking it, allow it to stand for a couple of minutes. Prepare this cocktail and share your experience with us!

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