Supplement Police Recognizes Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Supplement Police Recognizes Health Benefits of CBD Oil


We’re already confident about the health benefits of CBD oil, but we thought we’d turn to some of the biggest skeptics out there to see just what they’re saying. It’s always nice to know all sides of the story, even if you’re passionate about a certain point of view. 

We weren’t really surprised by the results we came up with. Even CBD’s biggest detractors, such as the US government, have been forced to admit that the health benefits of aceite de CDB Son innegables.

Antioxidant properties among health benefits of CBD oil

Did you know that the US government actually holds a patent on ¿El CBD como un poderoso antioxidante? Maybe one day, it will start making big bucks out of that patent, although we have to question how someone can patent a substance they didn’t discover and that comes from a natural plant that people have been using for thousands of years. But we’re not here to discuss ethics.
Antioxidants help our bodies to clean up free radicals, products of metabolism that can become toxic to our health if they aren’t gotten rid of. Antioxidants do that, and when it comes to CBD oil, we’re looking at something with so much oomph that the US government saw fit to patent it while maintaining that cannabis has not medicinal value.
Descansamos nuestro caso.

Supplement police! Everybody hands up!

We were interested to find a website called “Supplement Police”, Pero debemos admitir que puede ser un servicio muy útil. La gente está muy dispuesta a hacer afirmaciones sobre todo tipo de cosas, incluso cuando no hay pruebas que las respalden. Las personas vulnerables lo escuchan y, de repente, están gastando cientos de dólares o euros por algo que no funciona, que nunca funcionó y que nunca funcionará. Así que nos acercamos a este sitio web con temor. ¿Qué diría sobre el aceite de CBD?

Aquí hay un pequeño resumen de algunos de los puntos principales:

  • “Doctors are starting to view CBD as a valid treatment method,” we thought so too, but it’s nice to see a website that’s there for its skepticism accepting this fact.
  • "El CBD no te coloca". Bueno, esa es la razón por la que la gente elige CBD sobre THC, ¿no es así?
  • “CBD is well-tolerated and safe.” We’ve seen the scientific studies. It would be hard to disagree on that point.


Now the supplement police delve even deeper, and their primary reference is a literature review published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Now that’s a really good source, and we have to thank these “police” for being so thorough in their investigations.

Health benefits of CBD oil: guilty as charged

Here’s what they reported after viewing the accumulated literature:

  • Antiemético: Ayuda a aliviar las náuseas y los vómitos, una de las principales razones por las que los pacientes con cáncer lo usan.
  • Anticonvulsant: Reduces seizure activity.
  • Antipsicótico: Combate problemas como la ansiedad y la esquizofrenia.
  • Anti-inflamatorio: Reduce la inflamación and may be of help in inflammatory                  diseases.
  • Neuroprotector: Could prevent dementia and help with Alzheimer’s’ disease.
  • Antidepresivo: Without the side-effects.

  • Newsflash: the supplement police are even more adamant about CBD oil benefits than we are!


    Where we have interpreted findings as may”, and “is believed to be” or even “shows promise”, this website comes right out and says it IS. CBD oil health benefits are still being researched, and we prefer to take a conservative view, but it’s interesting to see the skeptics even more sold on this product than we are!


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